Are you looking for a way to track your staff's valuable time and effort, schedule events, or register professional development attendees with ease?

escWorks® software has taken these hard-to-organize procedures and transformed them into easy-to-use online modules. With all of this data online, it becomes easier to track staff services and keep accurate records.

Learn more about the function of each escWorks® module by searching the modules below.

Need modules that are not listed? Our staff can create customized modules to meet your specific needs.

Professional Development

Simplify event registration and management through our online interface.

  • The Professional Development Module is customized to match the theme and color of your current website. Customers seamlessly search escWorks® but feel like they haven't left your site.

  • Customers can browse all available events online.

  • Once an event has been selected, customers then register and pay online, reducing the amount of work for your staff.

  • Administrators will need to create a session only once; it can be duplicated for future reoccurrences.

  • Participants can access and print transcripts and certificates on demand.

Reporting Data Captured: professional development offered, attendance records, credit hours given, historical attendance rates, and session evaluation data


Online Dashboard

Administrators can now view the latest regional news plus their district or campus registration snapshot on their dashboard.


  • Superintendents can see who is registered for sessions at their education service agency and assess the level of support.

  • A regional news feed shows pertinent information.

  • Historical registration data snapshot shows the number of attendees registered versus actual attendance.

  • Attendees can be searched by school and/or date range in their district.


Room Scheduler

Implement our room-scheduling software and never worry about missing equipment or double-booking rooms again.


  • Find up-to-date information on when rooms are booked by administrators at district facilities.

  • Session leaders can choose
    • Room Configuration/Layout
    • Tools/Equipment Needed
    • Food and Beverage Request

  • Calculate costs associated with room rental if needed.

Reports Managers

Gain unparalleled reporting capabilities for your next business meeting.


  • Real-time data extraction is used to produce
    custom-designed reports.

  • Data imported from all other modules can provide a plethora of user-friendly reports.

  • More than 20 standard reports are provided by escWorks®; others can be created for an additional fee.

  • All information entered into escWorks® is captured by this module and transformed into a user-friendly format.


Help Desk Support

Our customer support team has more than 15 years of experience and is ready to support your business goals.


  • Our dedicated customer support team conducts
    on-site training to get you started with escWorks®.

  • Customers are able to enter tickets for personalized technical support anytime.

  • The Help Desk team works with customers through their preferred method—whether it's a phone call,
    e-mail, or through our help desk ticket system.

  • If you are in need of an additional module, our support team will work with you and our development team to construct a module suited to your needs.



Capture data and create comprehensive reports to show clients the value they receive from your array of expert services.


  • Track technical assistance provided to districts.

  • Decide what data to capture (including employee assistance hours).

  • Utilizing prior industry knowledge, we can offer suggestions on which data to capture.

Reporting Data Captured: number of trainings; participation; summary of training costs; specific professional development and technical assistance offered per campus, department, or position; and more


Registration and Payment Processing

Make finding and registering for professional development or other events effortless for your customers.


  • All forms of payment, excluding cash, are accepted online.

  • Customers can view registration history online and print their certificates.

  • Attendees can search, view, and register for available courses.


Conference Registration

Apply our straightforward solution to your conference registration process to increase attendance and profit.


  • In one step, customers can register for conferences and individual breakout sessions.

  • Administrators can set fees, manage capacity, and select any special requirements.

  • Attendees are able to print their itinerary prior to the conference.

  • Conference coordinators can review who will be attending each session.

Reporting Data Captured: conference attendance


Attendee Manager

Managing payments and tracking attendance can be simplified and correctly captured through the attendee manager module.


  • Attendee Manager compiles event participants' data and produces sign-in sheets for each event to capture attendance.

  • Based on registration data, administrators can manage payments and assign credit hours.

  • Session registration levels can be viewed at any time.

  • Participants' registration status can be changed to enrolled, transferred, or cancelled.

Reporting Data Captured: attendance


Budget Manager

Easily track accurate expenditures and revenue associated with events.


  • Ties workshop expenditures and revenue to the correct budget.

  • Shows revenue generation per department or other criteria.

  • Provides cost analysis of each event.

Reporting Data Captured: budget allocations for each workshop


On Demand

Create a catalog of professional learning resources with anytime, anywhere access to On Demand professional development course content developed by your ESA for other ESAs with escWorks®.


  • 24/7 revenue generator

  • We host the content and provide Tier 2 comprehensive technical support.

  • Participants can print certificates of completion immediately after they successfully complete the On Demand course.


Professional Development Scheduling and Tracking